Friday, March 13, 2015

ON3P Billy Goat Review

Samuel Rooney
ON3P Billy Goat Ski Review

ON3P is a small company out of Portland, Oregon that has been making burly, durable skis for intermediate to advanced skiers. I recently had the chance to ski their Billy Goat Model which is designed for big mountain powder skiing. Despite how durable and burly these skis are they still seem to be on the lighter side. There was some fresh snow at Wolf Creek Ski Area which provided a perfect day to put these to the test. The Billy Goat is just as comfortable making quick turns in steep trees as it is making big, fast turns in open terrain. The rocker profile of the Billy Goat makes a surfy ski in powder but in variable, chopped up snow allows the ski to plow through anything that comes in the way. The tail has a small pintail which allows the tail to sink in softer snow adding to the surfy feeling. At a 28 meter turn radius the more speed the Billy Goat has the more it feels comfortable. This is a ski for an advanced skier who values big, fast turns in open terrain but still wants a ski that will shine in steep trees.

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